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امور اداری دفتر اصفهان .خانم تنهایی واتساپ :09134091006 ثابت 03136008 داخلی 101
حسابداری دفتر اصفهان خانم بهرامی واتساپ 09921507714 تلفن ثابت 03136008 داخلی 110
امور اداری کارخانه 03153302124
کارگزینی و منابع انسانی 03153302123
استخدام 09136036849
فروش ورق واتساپ 09134091005
فروش پروفیل واتساپ 09901189274
کارشناس خرید داخلی 03153302126 آقای شریعتی
حسابداری کارخانه 03153302125 خانم قوامی
صندوق پرداخت 03153302132 آقای کاظمی
دفتر صدور حواله بارگیری 03153302130 آقای حاجتی
دفتر تخلیه مواد اولیه 03153302131 آقای حاجتی
حراست و انتظامات 03153302133


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US oil refining industry revenues fell

US refineries experienced the lowest revenue in the last three months of 2020. This indicates the pressure of rising crude oil prices, weak demand due to travel restrictions imposed to curb the corona virus, and higher costs of refinery operations associated with the integration of renewable fuels into their products. Independent US refineries lost $ […]

Widespread fire US refinery

A US oil refinery in the state of West Virginia has caught fire, according to the Associated Press.The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a rally at the Argonne oil refinery in Knoll, West Virginia. No casualties have been reported so far, but the route to the refinery has been blocked.The cause of […]

Two important priorities in developing

In these election days, when the slogans of the candidates are generally expressed in general and without a precise plan, one of the solutions that can be effective in knowing the exact program of the candidates is to know the priorities of the candidates after being elected to the presidency. That is, it is necessary […]

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